7 Ways You’re Wasting Money While Traveling

Everyone deserves a splendid vacation once in a while, but it does not mean that you have to spend your entire life’s savings on it. When we are planning the budget for the trip, we mostly focus on ‘huge’ expenses that involve travel fare, accommodations, and food and tourist attractions. We simply add them up and assume that it is our final amount. However, once we are on the move, small things keep adding up. It can be spending money on gas for rental cars, buying overpriced water bottles and food from airport, tolls and what not. When you finally sit down at the end of the day, your expenditures shock you!

Keeping track of your expenses is the key. Here are some of the most common mistakes we all tend to make while traveling. Take a look and make sure to avoid these!

1. Paying Extra for Foreign Transactions

Nobody wants to pay to use their own money! Sadly, some banks charge high fees for foreign transactions. If your bank is one of them, think about switching to another one. Before you begin your adventure in the foreign land, talk to an employee of the bank and discuss these things.

2. Not Keeping an Eye on Discounts

Many a time people buy tickets or book hotel rooms and completely forget about it. Do you know that you can return tickets without any fees within the time period of 24 hours? If a price goes down within the time limit, you can return and repurchase at a lower cost. Same goes for hotel and lodging. Moreover, make sure you avail the best of packages when it comes to accommodation.

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3. Know the Local Exchange Rate

Do your research about the local currency before you head out. Being aware of the local exchange rate and approximate prices of things will save you from confusion and scams. It won’t take long to calculate the cost if you know the exact difference.

4. Don’t Be Careless with your Valuables

From your wallet in the back pocket to your laptop lying around in the hotel room, keep all your valuables safe. Investing in a locker and a small cross-body bag can help you save things from getting lost or stolen.

5. Using Public Wi-Fi

Never use open networks for online transactions and other financially-sensitive matter.

6. Traveling During the Wrong Season

The less money you have to spend on things, the more you get to enjoy! While planning your vacation, do your homework on tourist seasons and charges. Try going at a time when plenty of deals and discounts are available. Booking early won’t always save you money.

7. Over-packing

No, you don’t need all those shoes, bags and clothes. With a heavy heart, do yourself a favor and chuck them out. Get the right suitcase, select the things you know you need and you won’t to pay the humongous airline baggage fees. Traveling light is the key.

These mistakes may seem small, but if you avoid them, you can save yourself a fortune.