The 4 Best Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

Travel insurance isn’t always cheap. You may have to scourge through various travel insurance plans to find the ideal one for you. Even then the prices may vary as there are a lot of variables that are needed to be taken into account. Things like duration of the trip, destinations, number of travellers, their individual ages and total costs among other things. When you put in all these information you end up seeing that the insurance costs quite a lot and in the end, you decide to travel without any travel insurance and that can be very risky. So we have decided to find the best yet cheapest travel insurance companies for you and have come down to the following 4 companies.


In our list of best yet cheapest insurance companies, Allianz tops the rankings. There are quite a lot of advantages to signing up with Allianz as your insurance provided. For starters, you can decide if you want your insurance for one single trip or for the whole year. If you are the kind of person who has to take multiple trips per year then you should opt for their annual coverage. Not will you be saving quite a lot of money, but your single insurance will cover you for an unlimited number of times within that 12 month period. Sounds too good right? Well, there is more. Under Allianz insurance coverage there is no age restriction on the medical insurance coverage, meaning you can insure your kids or the older people in your travel group with no additional fuss. There isn’t much restriction when it comes to choosing your preferred plans, unlike most other insurance companies.

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CSA Travel Protection

CSA Travel Protection also has some impressive features under their insurance plans. For instance, you can choose from two different kinds of policies and both of them will cover your costs in case of trip cancellation and interruption, trip and baggage delays and even emergency medical and dental care. If you decide to take their Custom Luxe plan then their plans will also cover for your rental car insurance and you will have to pay no extra cost. The company themselves are very helpful, so if you have any sort of queries you can simply ask them and they will clarify it perfectly.

HTH Travel Insurance

In terms of flexibility, HTH Travel insurance ranks number one. Their policies will cover almost everything that travellers may need and they provide it at very affordable rates. But the best part about HTH Travel Insurance is if you are travelling in groups. The larger the group, such as five or six people, the better and cheaper insurance plan you will get as they have special rates for such groups. The flexibility offered by HTH is that you get to pick how much insurance you want and what are the things you want to be used as deductibles. Meaning, you can literally set the amount of your insurance payment. On the other hand, if you think you won’t need travel insurance then you don’t have to pay for it. Rather you can simply opt for the medical travel insurance and get your insurance done at a cheaper price. This medical travel insurance will cover all your emergency medical bills if you were to fall sick or get injured while on the trip.

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World Nomads

World Nomads is another travel insurance company that has provided with some very decent insurance rates for people looking to travel. While it may not be as flexible as the rest of the companies mentioned above, it still is better than most of the companies out there. Some of their insurance policies offer quite solid protection in terms of trip protection, emergency medical and dental coverage. But the thing that sets World Nomads apart and brings it to our list is their adventure sports coverage. Their rates in such policies are some of the best in the world. So if you plan on going to do some outdoor extra risky activities during your trip, then you should consider buying your travel insurance from World Nomads. The rates at World Nomads is more or less fixed, unlike other companies where the rate is constantly varying depending on other variables. So no matter what kind of policy it is that you are buying, you may have to pay the same flat rate, which is quite helpful as it leads to easier decision making!