Dare to Explore the World’s Most Haunted Forests

In horror movies, whenever characters are passing through creepy woods at night, it gives us the goosebumps. We don’t want them to venture into the forest because we know something spooky is definitely going to greet them. Cabins in the Wood, anyone? Yet they don’t listen to their instincts and decide to explore. What if we tell you that such woods and forests do exist in real?

Will the adventurer in you be ready to make the daring trip?
Before you make up your mind, let us tell you about some of the most haunted forests and woods out there!

1. Epping Forest, England

Epping Forest has a bloodthirsty history. The haunted forest used to be burial ground and a rather popular hideaway for fugitives for centuries. Many visitors have witnessed apparitions and heard strange noises while passing through Loughton Camp and Epping Road. According to them, bizarre humanized figures have tried to stop their cars in hopes to force them out. We wonder what happened to those who did get out of their vehicles!

2. Forest of Rothiemurchus, Scotland

Boasting fifty shades of grey, Scotland is well-known for its remote places, misty weather, long winters and haunting rainstorms. The countryside has a strange, bitter-sweet beauty that will pull on your heartstrings and creep you out at the same time. Forest of Rothiemurchus, a popular recreational site, is a similar place. It has the grave of the Chief of Clan Shaw whose restless spirit still haunts the grounds. Stray too deep into the woods, be prepared for an epic battle with the chief!

3. Aokigahara, Japan

Famously known as ‘the suicide forest of Japan’, Aokigahara is sprawling at the northwest base of Mount Fuji. What’s so scary about it? First of all, it has large deposits of underground iron that cause magnetic anomalies and interfere with compasses. It is easy for visitors to get lost. Creepier still, around 500 suicides have been reported till date! Numerous people have claimed to hear screaming sounds at night. Do spirits of the dead really walk the forest at night? You will have to go there to find out!

4. Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

This is the forest where shepherds have disappeared, UFOs and ghosts have been sighted and whoever ventured experienced physical and mental injuries. Some people have even claimed that the forest is a ‘gateway to another dimension’. Locals who live in close proximity to the forest said that they have seen watchful pairs of green eyes, heavy black fog and shimmering orbs coming out of the trees. What’s more, weird faces and apparitions have appeared on many photographs that people took. Can Hoia Baciu Forest be possibly the house of aliens?

5. Devil’s Tramping Ground, North Carolina

Animals can sense when something is wrong, and that’s why most animals flee as soon as they step into Devil’s Tramping Ground. The burnt and barren forest is nothing but ash and char. The forest is perfectly round where nothing ever grows and whatever you try to grow gets violently ambushed the very next day! The legend is that a devil paces around at night-time cursing and blowing everything in his way.