Delicious Street Food You Must Eat In Paris

Paris, the city of glamor, fashion, style and of love. In this beautiful city, almost everyone seems to be obsessed with beauty and trying to find true love. Amidst all that glamor you would not be wrong to think that everything is as costly as it looks. But not quite everything, though. You can roam around all over Paris and come out with some of the most delicious food at the cheapest of prices. So if you are planning to travel to this great city, then make sure you visit the following places for their mouthwatering dishes.


Who doesn’t like a good crepe? Sweet or savory, this light pancake-like substance is wrapped around the core ingredient and served to you all hot is a total delight. The crepes sold at Au P’tit Grec are nothing short of amazing. They are bursting with flavors and they are quite large in quantity too. It will cost you only € 6 at most which are good value for money.

The Vegan Food

It can be quite hard for vegans to find their preferred food in a country completely new. If you are traveling to France, you can be overwhelmed at a number of pasty shops all around you and find your vegan food can become quite a task.  For those people, you can all visit the Tien Hang. They serve some of the most amazing vegan food you can find in this country and it is quite cheap too.


Anyone who has tried falafels before knows what a weird but satisfying combination of a food this is. It is like a piece of naan or bread filled with meat and stuffed with a whole lot of other ingredients. Once you start taking bites out of it, your mouth is filled with an explosion of flavors. L’As du Falafel is known for having the best falafel is the whole country. They are so good that some people dream about having them!


Visit Higuma to have one of the most amazing Ramen you have ever tried. Higuma is located at Palais Royal and for just € 9 you can have one full bowl of ramen. Now that’s a great deal you wouldn’t want to miss now would you?


Pho is a Vietnamese dish which is a bowl of soup with huge chunks of beef and a lot of other stuff inside it. If you haven’t tried it yet then you must try a Pho at Le Kok. For only € 9, you will get a large bowl of PHO which is sure to leave you satisfied and make you come back for more. That’s not all if you ask nicely then they will serve you a plate of beef for free along with that Pho. That’s quite a tempting offer now isn’t it?

Hot Dogs

Now I know what you are thinking, what’s so special about having hot dogs in Paris. Well, truth be told, there isn’t anything special about this hot dog. Apart from the fact that they are delicious and quite cheap too. The hot dogs at Hutch House of Hot Dogs are just as tasty as they are cheap. They range from € 4 to € 6. Hutch House of Hot Dogs is located at rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis. It is a nice and friendly neighborhood where enjoying hotdogs with your friend can be quite pleasant.

Veggie Stew

This one is for the vegetarians out there who are looking to eat something that suits them but at the same time quite tasty too. Bob’s Kitchen serves some of the best Veggie Stew that you can think of and it is quite reasonable too. At only € 9.50 you will get this delicious stew and it doesn’t end there. If you can afford to pay an extra € 8 then you will get some great pancakes too which is surely going to make you want more!

Noodle Bowls

Want to eat something really fresh? Then try out the noodles bowls at Happy Nouilles. They will literally make the noodles in front of you as you can watch the chef stretch out the dough while you wait for your food. They are served in huge quantities and cost around € 7 to € 10. Happy Nouilles is located around Arts et Metiers, so do make sure to visit there while touring in Paris.