FitKit: Your Gear to Remain Fit While Traveling

Traveling is often a gateway to learning and experiencing. So much can be gained from traveling; from meeting new people, seeing the great wonders of the world to reminiscing about new and fulfilling experiences; traveling can truly open the doors to a lifetime of memories. Not to mention, travellers are usually termed as the adventurous type, the risk-takers, and the innovators.

Choosing Your Travel Gear

For travelers, whether you travel often or not so often, the kind of travel gear you carry is of great importance. As fun and exciting as traveling can be, it also has its negatives. Being prepared to deal with the ups and downs is what traveling is all about. When it comes to travel gear keep in mind that it does not need to be big in quantity but it should be big in quality.

FitKit – Travel Gear to Keep You Fit

When we travel, one of our favourite pastimes is eating. After all who wouldn’t love to try new cuisines and meals! Food may enter the mouth and go into the stomach but it truly is the way to the heart. With all of this eating in addition to the frustrations that can often pop up during traveling, working out or remaining fit is often the last thing on our minds. In fact, many of us lose track of our fitness goals once we are traveling. This is why the FitKit is a perfect gear to carry with you on all of your travels.

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Here’s a Brief Description of What FitKit Has to Offer You

FitKit is basically a portable workout kit with tools that allow you to have a complete body workout. It comes with an online fitness resource, diet and fitness tips in addition to healthy recipes and news articles. In case you crave for some homemade food while on your travels, you can easily open a recipe and cook to your heart’s content!


You can take out the kit anywhere, anytime, and get your workout plans on. No gym or fancy equipment is necessary. There are more than 250 moves you can do with the FitKit, ranging from cardio moves, strength, stretch or flexibility! The FitKit pack includes: a Flat Resistance Band, Robust 4 feet Long, Resistance Tube with Cushioned Handles – great quality 4 feet rubber tubing with quality comfort grasps, Jump Rope (9 feet), Door Attachment, Pedometer, Balance Floor Markers, PVC rope with hand grasps, and a Reflective Arm Band. The kit includes pretty much all you need to get exercise done while outdoors.

The Fitkit’s smooth and sleek case also contains a FitKit Emergency ID Tag. This ID tag delivers individual medical information and emergency contact. Attached to a belt loop or shoelace, the tag offers crucial and often critical medical information in case of injury. This option can be life saving in addition to providing much needed medical assistance.

Keep your travels memorable while remaining healthy and fit with the FitKit in your luggage.