GoPro: The Ultimate Adventure and Travel Companion

Over the course of my eight month triathlon training I realised that you grow a different bond with your surroundings. You get to experience spectacular views of the early morning sun rising above the shimmering ocean as you speed along the winding cliff edges on your bicycle, you come across amazing views as you hike through the nature and wilderness, and you get lost in the serenity as you swim through the ocean. You feel like capturing these moments and sharing them with your loved ones, but then you realize that a DSLR is just not practical on the move while a phone camera, which might be mobile, simply lacks the quality to capture the true essence of the moment.

GoPro Hero4 Silver – Film Your Adventures

After some browsing, looking at different reviews and talking to some of my more adventurous friends, I decided that the GoPro Hero4 Silver would be the perfect solution. Weighing only 82.2g and with dimensions of 2.3”X1.1”X1.6”, it looks like a pendent box even lighter than the iPhone6. It comes in a nice case that makes it water proof and any other elemental stress proof. It can be clipped to toggle around and be mounted onto pretty much any surface and its wide angle lens takes extraordinary images.


With the GoPro now I can easily mount it on the bike and capture the mesmerizing sunrises on the go.  I also make time lapse video of my training and hiking in 4K resolution. I had never used a waterproof camera before but I was amazed at the shots I took between the water-air barrier when we went out to visit a nearby lagoon.


I had ordered a few extra accessories with the camera, one of them being the suction cup mount with which I mounted it onto the Grayhound bus I was travelling by. The crisp time-lapse video captured the changes in the interstate cityscape and landscape throughout the trip and the play of colors as the sky transitioned from bright blue to twilight.

My GoPro has become the travel companion my soul was craving for. My fingers are already itching to capture the scenic beauty of Khao Sao Park and the limestone cliffs of Railay peninsula of Thailand – my next destination. I can’t wait to capture the panoramic views of the open ocean as I go parasailing on the beach, the adrenaline rush of speeding through the waves on a jet ski, and the tranquillity of the kaleidoscope of colors on the coral reefs.

High-Quality Camera

The GoPro Hero4 Silver is truly a great camera and it is worth every penny spent. The smoothness and quality of the videos and images depend a lot on you. It may not be as great as the ones on the GoPro website at first, but practice makes perfect. Also given all the different accessories at your disposal, it depends really on your creativity on how you use the added features they provide. I just bought the bobber floating hand grip and now I can take selfies when I go on my morning swims. The GoPro is the perfect companion for the adventurer and the avid traveler and its durability and flexibility really does mean that the possibilities are endless.