Indulge in the Numerous Delicacies of Washington D.C

Washington D.C isn’t all about the White House and center of the American politics. It isn’t always gloomy and miserable here. In fact, this is one of the places in the whole of the United States of America where you can find a lot of crazy kinds of food. These foods are sure to get your taste buds addicted and you will be wanting to eat them more. So if you are still wondering whether to visit D.C or not? Check out our list of foods from D.C and then decide if they are worth the visit or not.

Lambs and Clams – Juicy and Succulent

We all have had those surf and turf dishes at our hometown or somewhere else in the world. But in Washington D.C, you can have a new kind of surf and turf in the form of lambs and clams. Served at Rappahannock Oyster Bar, this is one of the truly delicious dishes that you can ever come across. Imagine a bowl of deliciously cooked lamb mixed with juicy and succulent clams. Along with that, you are given pigeon peas mixed in a sofrito sauce and voila! You have a unique surf and turf dish! The dish is spicy, full of flavor and is completely satisfying.

The Buttery Khachapuri

I am pretty sure that you wouldn’t be really impressed if I told you that there was a dish made of nothing but butter, eggs, cheese and bread. I mean sure, they are tasty but you have had that in your breakfast right? But at Compass Rose, you get a dish called Khachapuri which uses these ingredients only to come up with something so spectacular that you will be running back to your home to praise it to your friends and family. You are given a big hot bread which sort of acts like a tub for this dish. In the middle of the bread, you will have eggs mixed with butter and cheese to give you this delicious filling. Use the spoons or use your hands to dig in either way, you will licking everything off your plate!

The Filling Avgolemono Soup

Quite often when we are feeling down we end up having ice cream as a comfort food. While I can assure you that there is nothing in D.C that will dampen your trip, sometimes things do come in the way and you can feel down for no real reason. This is when you head over to the Greek Deli and order the avgolemono soup. Their Greek Chef, Kostas Fostieris, have invented this amazing soup where he uses only celery, carrots, chicken, onions, fresh lemon juice, eggs, and cornstarch. It is downright tasty and good for your health and can help you to overcome the flu if you are unfortunate enough to come down with it during your trip to D.C. The best part about this soup? It will cost you only $4.50!

Meat Grinder – The Best Sandwich You’ll Ever Have!

Personally, I have been to a lot of restaurants where they charge excessively high amount of charges but in return, they give the tiniest bit of food. This, however, won’t be the case if you are trying the Meat Grinder at the Stachowski Market. In fact, you should be given a reward for being able to finish off this gigantic piece of sandwich. You can easily travel to D.C with a couple of friends, order a few meat grinders and have a food eating contest among yourself. It is that big! You will have your basic sandwich bread, in the middle you will have a pile of salami, coppa, mortadella, soppressata, as well as the provolone cheese. Wait, it isn’t over yet. After all, that you will have lots of lettuce, tomatoes, onions and some hot peppers. And to top it all of there will be house vinaigrette.  I got tired of describing that, imagine how long it takes to eat that dish!

The Patriot – The Breakfast You Must Have at Washington D.C

It is almost ironic that you visit D.C and not try out the Patriot from Red Apron Butcher. The Patriot is one of those breakfast items that will forever ruin your taste for other classic breakfast dishes like English Muffins, bagels, and even croissants.  Originating from Italy, you will be served a piece of bread and on top of that will be bacon or sausage of your choosing. In addition to that, there will be an egg, American cheese and a whole lot of maple butter. Layer them up on one another and you will get the perfect breakfast dish for the super hungry people. It is truly a fulfilling a dish and I can bet you that you will be visiting D.C just to have this once again!