Landing Gear Passport Holder: The Smartest Way To Travel

When you are travelling to a foreign country, there are a few things that are absolutely crucial and you can’t really move around without those things. The list includes your passport, your credit cards, a couple of vital documents and your air tickets while in the airport. You will be required to keep them separately as there will be multiple times when you will be needed to flash these documents. So you can’t really keep them inside your luggage or stuff them inside your purse or handbags. This is where Landing Gear has come up with the Passport Holder Neck Pouch. It is the perfect travel kit that anyone can use. Your documents will be safe, and easily accessible.

What is a Landing Gear Passport Holder?

Consider this as a small bag that is worn around the neck and can hold all your important things inside. It is quite comfortable to wear around your neck and does not make you feel suffocated. It is lightweight, and water resistant too. The Landing Gear Passport Holder is made out of material which is water resist, rip-stop nylon. In other words, it is 100% durable and perfect for travelling and rough usage.


The great thing about this particular passport holder is that there are three different compartments, thereby allowing you to easily sort out your documents and other important stuff individually. There are two zippered pockets as well, and one Velcro closure patch. In short, you can keep a lot of stuff here without really getting confused where you kept them or shoving the thing up with stuff like you usually do with a handbag. There is a transparent ID window where you can keep your boarding pass or your IDs so that you can simply flash it to the security without really having to take out things from your bag.

RFID Blocking

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification and it is a common problem in the modern world where people seem to be able to scan your credit cards from a nearby distance and get all your valuable information. This is one of the most destructive forms of theft and it is hard to stop. However, the Landing Gear Passport Holder is lined with Radio Frequency Shielding Material meaning all your credit cards, and another important digital information is safe from such theft. Your information remains private and safely within your own knowledge. All you need to do is keep such items in the RFID pouch.


As it stands, the Landing Gear Passport Holder is available at for only $19.95. Considering how useful it is, it seems like you are getting it at a very cut price.

Should You Buy It?

Are you a frequent traveler? Have you always had problems managing all your tickets, passports, IDs, credit cards and other things? I am a very neat and tidy person but even then I sometimes find it a hassle to carry so many things while traveling and especially through the airports. For people like us, this is a must have item. It makes travelling easier and safer. You can also pass through all the security checks at the airport smoothly and without having to take out all the documents each time. On the other hand, you never know who is out there trying to steal all your credit card information. It’s a foreign land with a lot of unknown people. So it is better to remain safe than sorry in such situations. After all, for just under $20 you will be protecting probably your entire bank savings. If you consider it that way, this item is more like a necessity rather than a luxury traveler’s item.