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Here are 12 traits that separates super affiliates and struggling affiliates.
1. Take Action: The successful affiliates take action towards their goals. But, those who ‘want to be’ often procrastinate, spend too much time on over educating or readying themselves and less time on DOING.
2. Fail Fast: Super affiliates are usually willing to fail fast and often and learn from their mistakes, instead of not making any progress at all. But regular ones want to play the safe game with fewer risks and don’t grow.
3. Invest: Super affiliates first invest their money in tools and marketing and then spend what is left. They want to fortify their business before enjoying the wins. But, struggling affiliates spend most of their money on their lives, and invest what left in their online business.
4. Network and Share: The successful affiliates spend their time in networking and learning from other successful people. They understand the importance of networking and constant learning for long terms success. Whereas failing affiliates usually try to work alone and be secretive of their methods and actions.
5. Learn from Failures: Similarly, super affiliates appreciate the process of learning, even if it means learning from their failures. But, the others, often don’t like always learning new techniques and ideas and don’t want to fail to learn and grow.
6. Focus: Most of the super affiliate millionaires usually focus on one or two niches. They might have experimented in many other niches to find the ‘golden’ one or two that work for them. But once they found it, they focus their total attention on those one or two niches.
But, the struggling people usually often try different things at the same time. And even when they come across a niche that makes them money, they wander to the next niche without properly maximizing the potential of the niche or exploring the niche in depth.
7. Build an Email List: Most of the successful affiliates build an active email list and attempt to make regular and repeat sales from the same people.
And the struggling affiliates often skip the process of building list and missing out the repeat sales and more marketing opportunities.
8. Think Long Term: A Super Affiliate always thinks strategically and considers the lifetime value of a potential product to promote, while the others focus on the quick wins and cash.
9. Create & Test: A Super Affiliate builds professional looking websites and a/b tests the products for better conversion.
But the struggling affiliates don’t put the effort to create websites or landing pages and often ends up not testing different products on a traffic source.
10. Be Disciplined: Super Affiliates are very disciplined, methodical and keep a continuous optimization mindset. They focus on following a work schedule and maintains a checklist for even the basic tasks.

Those who are not successful usually don’t have a work ethic and do things as they wish.

11. Be Positive: A Super Affiliate maintains a positive outlook, determined and is sharply focused on the goal while the others complain about things are not happening to them and lack focus on the goals.

12. Get Things Done: A super affiliate never waits for things to happen or luck to arrive. He creates opportunities and converts those opportunities into success with his methodical approach and continuous testing.
By now, you would’ve understood that it is not the skills but the attitude is the key to becoming a successful affiliate.
You need to believe you can win and be ready to put the efforts consistently to win.
When you combine right mindset and attitude with a correct approach to affiliate marketing, you too can become a super affiliate Marketer.
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