The All Inclusive Carnival Cruise Deals: Cruising on the Fun Ships

Cruises are about venturing out to the open sea, relaxing under the windy skies, catching marvelous sights of the vast ocean and simply having a time of your life. Carnival Cruise Lines, an American & British cruise company, invites you to have a grand time with a touch of luxury. Geared toward families with kids, young adults and couples, the cruise line offers festive ambiance, exciting times, all inclusive carnival cruise deals and many opportunities for socializing.

If you are into adventurous voyages, you will know that the Carnival Cruise has a famous tagline ‘The Fun Ships’. When you take a look at their itineraries and amenities, you will agree with us that their catchy slogan is apt. True to their name, the Fun Ships are bursting with entertainment, lively environment and a large number of fun-filled activities. Currently, the company has a fleet of 25 vessels.

A Little History of the Carnival Cruise Lines

Before we talk about the ships and all inclusive carnival cruise deals, let’s give you a little background. Carnival Cruise Lines was founded by Ted Arison in 1972 as an independent company, and is now owned and managed Carnival Corporation & plc. Its headquarters are located in Doral, Florida.

When it comes to affordable cruises, Carnival was the one to set the ball rolling. Due to their reasonable prices, shorter trips and decor inspired by Las Vegas, the Fun Ships quickly gained popularity among the masses. Their trademark is a whale-like red, white and blue funnel, and the mascot is called ‘Fun Ship Freddy’.

In 1990, Carnival launched its most successful line of ships dubbed as the ‘Fantasy series’. Some of the ships in the series included Carnival Fantasy, Ecstasy, Imagination, Paradise, Elation and Fascination. Over the years, the company has come up with bigger and better vessels with larger capacities, comfortable staterooms and tons of facilities. They continue to upgrade the itineraries and launch innovative programs to keep the travelers hooked. For example, in the recent years, they have jazzed up the fleet with comedy clubs, themed bars and restaurants, numerous kids’ facilities to keep the little ones busy and superb adults-only spaces.

The Fun Ships Take You Places


As we mentioned previously, the company owns 25 vessels at the moment. Each ship comes with a unique theme and a set of Carnival-style activities. What’s more, all the vessels head to awesome destinations.

The Best Cruise Ships for Families

We have reviewed two of the top-rated Fun Ships for families as follows:

Carnival Vista – Luxury, Family Time and Sporty Adventures

Meet Carnival Vista, the latest addition to the Fun Ships which claims to be all about luxury, fun and comfort. Featuring Havana pool and bar, seafood shack, rope courses, sky-high bike rides, custom staterooms, family-friendly spots, a water park and the very first oceanic IMAX, the cruise is definitely packed with lively action. Carnival Vista sails to the Caribbean and Europe, and has a capacity to carry 4000 passengers.

Another great thing about Vista is its casual dress code. While it is nice to dress up now and then, don’t we all just love to lounge around in our comfy old jeans? At Carnival Vista, you don’t have to worry about looking sophisticated 24/7. Whether it is a brunch at the restaurant or an evening out in the deck, you don’t have to give up your favorite denim.

Talking of restaurants, people have complained about the repetitive menu, limited feast hours and lesser options for free dining. For instance, the salad bar is only open on select days. Come on, some of us can’t live without a decent salad!

Moreover, not everyone is pleased with the shorter trips. According to some passengers, the cruise has everything to offer but seven to ten days are not long enough to experience everything.

Still, if we take everything into account, Carnival Vista provides vacationers with a memorable trip without killing their budget. Don’t forget to check out the great deals and itineraries.

Want to take the virtual tour of Carnival Vista? Here you go!

Carnival Dream – Caribbean Fun for the Whole Family in the

Carnival Dream is one of the largest ships designed by Carnival Cruise. In Dream, you will find deluxe ocean-view cabins with up to five bathrooms, a two-level outdoor Serenity area just for grown-ups and the world’s longest water slide in the open water. Unlike Vista, Dream has a variety of dining options including an ‘all you can eat’ section which many cruisers seem to prefer. However, recent cruisers have reported that the food is often stale so watch out and eat at your own risk!

To be honest, the customer service of Carnival Dream is not all that great. You will come across cold food and messy rooms on several occasions, but facilities and programs such as island tours, dive in movies, Dr. Seuss reading club for children and an exclusive spot for adults make it worth it.

In short, if you are seeking a fun-filled holiday with loads of entertainment for the whole family in a great price, you must consider Carnival Dream.

Carnival for the Couples – Honeymoons, Baby-moons and Romantic Retreats

Whenever a couple looks for an ideal cruise trip, they tend to overlook Carnival. Well, it is not exactly their fault as Carnival Cruise does cater mainly to families. But hey, did you know that they have great all inclusive carnival cruise deals just for couples? Think picture perfect beaches, exotic cocktails, candlelight dinners and lavish rooms.

And wait… That’s not all.

Depending upon your wishes, you can choose to explore the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico or Europe with your significant other. The honeymoon package include spacious suites with balconies, fine dining and a plethora of exciting daytime and nighttime activities. If you are not happy with some of the features, you can tailor your own resort vacation. And here’s a little secret… You can save up to 20% if you book your cruise in advance.

Now, you are probably wondering about the kids on board. Honestly, it is impossible to be on a carnival cruise and not come across a child or two. However, if you plan your honeymoon during a non-holiday season, it is likely that you won’t see many kids as they have school.

Things to Look Forward to at Carnival Cruise

Shore Excursions


Carnival Cruise Lines have hand-picked the very best of local excursions for their guests. Be it taking a dip into the underwater world or zip-lining through the jungle, get ready for dozens of adrenaline rush activities that you may have never tried before. Plunge into the underwater Coral Garden and Stingray Sandbar at Cayman Islands, explore the tropical forest of Belize, dare to step inside the mysterious Crystal Cave, take your kids to Atlantis Aquaventure Water Park and indulge in fun yourself along with them.

If you had rather spend a quiet day, take a tour of the ancient city of Tulum in the Caribbean region. For couples, the Sunset Cocktail Tour and beach tours are highly recommended. Other popular activities include sailing, horseback riding, Eco and cultural tours, sightseeing, boating, kayaking and shopping.

The point is whether you are traveling alone, with a moody teenager or with your special someone, the cruise has plenty of activities and excursions to choose from.

Onboard Activities

The Fun Ships are overflowing with exciting onboard activities. Some of the most popular ones are:

1. Carnival LIVE – Featuring music concerts and comedy shows.
2. IMAX – For those of you who can’t go a day without watching your favorite movie.
3. SkyRide – If you have ever wondered what it is like to ride a bike high in the sky, Carnival offers you a perfect chance to experience it!
4. Serenity Adults Only Retreat – Because everyone deserves a little peace of mind.
5. WaterWorks – Carnival’s onboard waterpark with an enormous waterslide.
6. Seuss at Sea – Let your kids meet the wonderful Dr. Seuss’ characters and join the awesome reading club.
7. Fitness and Spa Center – We don’t want that holiday weight gain, do we? Get a massage, do some push-ups and relax in a hot-tub.
8. Amazing Events – All year round, the Carnival Cruise hosts events like Mexican fiesta, Caribbean beach parties, Sail-way party and Groove for St. Jude among many others.
9. Bars – The Fun Ships have plenty of bars for you to hangout and have a great time. What’s more, it is a great place to meet new people from all across the world.

Other entertainment and activities range from dive in movies and mini golf club to jogging tracks and seaside theatres. When you are cruising with Carnival, never expect a dull moment!

Conclusion – To go with the Carnival or not?

There is no doubt that Carnival Cruise Lines have a LOT to offer in a great price. It is a perfect option for a family with kids, young adults and large group of people looking for a feisty time. On the other hand, the cruise won’t be an ideal option for couples and travelers seeking privacy and tranquility. Before you book your trip, make a list of pros and cons. Even if it is a little loud and crowded, the amenities and offers make Carnival Cruise worth it.