The Best Places in Toronto Every Tourist Needs to Visit

Toronto is the Canada’s biggest city and is the home to a huge number of tourists visiting Canada every year. This city has a dynamism about it that seems to draw all sorts of people towards it. And it is not hard to see why so many people fly from all over the world to visit Toronto. It has some of the most beautiful places to tour, delicious variety of food and the best of all, the people here are extremely nice. There are a lot of attractions within this city that are a must visit if you are touring in Toronto. If you are not sure where to go, then let our compiled list of places help you to make up your mind.

The Great CN Tower in Toronto

It is very hard to ignore a landmark which happens to be 553 meters tall. That’s right, we are talking about the great CN Tower in Toronto. It happens to be one of the most visited sites in the city and taking a glance at it will surely leave you breathless. The huge tower stands proudly in the middle of the city and there are so many things you can do at the CN Tower. You can take a trip to one of the few observatory towers in the CN Tower and look over the magnificent city of Toronto. Or you can simply choose to visit one of the restaurants located inside the tower and dine with your friends and family as you overlook the city and the Lake Ontario. Either way, the sight from such a height is sure to take your breath away and leave you amazed. Feeling a bit adventurous? Well, the CN Tower has that covered for you too. There is the Edge Walk where you are attached to a safety harness and given the chance to walk around the 1.5 meters ledge around the main pod, at a height of 365 meters! Now that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Casa Loma – A Trip Back in Time

How about taking a small trip back in time? By visiting the Casa Loma you can actually do so. The Casa Loma is a stunning medieval castle that was built for a certain Canadian millionaire known as Sir Henry Pellatt. This used to be the house of Sir Pellat before eventually turning it into a museum. Hundreds of tourists come visit this place every year and it is indeed a sight to see. There are nearly 100 rooms in this former house, three dozen bathrooms, a couple of really well-decorated suites, a few secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel underground, some towers and stables and along with gardens on five acres land. That sure sounds like the perfect place to throw a wild party right? But unfortunately it’s a museum now, so let’s just enjoy this place rather than thinking of a partying here.

The Toronto City Hall

The Toronto City Hall is one of the most impressive architecture that you can come across. It is one of those buildings which you look and stare at and just marvel at the way it was constructed. You may even have one of those days when you are sitting with your kids or grand kids, and talking to them about this wonderful structure that you once saw while on a trip to Canada. The City Hall has two arched shaped buildings that are 20 and 27 stories high respectively. In between them, there is a low central building which is somewhat flattened like a bowl with a lead on. The building is largely famous for its unique design. In front of the building is a man made pond and during the winter seasons, this pond becomes a popular ice skating ring.

Entertainment District

Tired of visiting sightseeing places and buildings? Why not head over to the Entertainment District to get some activities done? The Toronto Entertainment District is the Canadian version of New York’s Broadway. Everything that is located in the district comes to live in the evening. There are so many things that can be enjoyed there. There are a lot of theaters located there where different shows and musicals are performed. Lots of concerts take place in that area as well as a number of classical art shows. If you are not into that kind of things, then you can simply visit there, sit in one of those great restaurants, and have your dinner while you take in the show around you. It’s the perfect place to get to know people and to socialize. There are hotels and shops located in the Entertainment District too, so you can visit them as well.

Ontario Science Center

This particular place is perfect for the family to spend a great time together. The Ontario Science Center hosts a great number of exhibitions that aims to educate the children and adults alike about quite a lot of things including, developments in technology, telecommunications, optics, biology and even stuff like physics, space travel and meteorology. It isn’t like a museum where you look at things and walk past them, Ontario Science Center tries to get the visitors take part in certain activities to make their experience that much sweeter.