Tips in Creating Profitable Blogs.

Blogging is a “hip” thing to do today on the social craze front.  Even back in the days when it had just started, and there were no social websites, there was a host of people who would blog day-in and day-out about anything and everything under the burning sun.  It didn’t take long before these hard core bloggers realised the true potential behind dedicated and targeted blogging.

Blogging is a means to get products popular; it’s a means to earn income merely sitting at home in your pajamas; it is a revolutionary way to turning business profits.  Since it is cheap and easy to maintain, and there is no end of topics on which you can blog about…  It made for a great business venture, and an amazing marketing tool.

Welcome to the world of creating profitable blogs! You can simply follow the tips below, and soon you will be on your way to churning profits with the help of your blog. There is no dearth of creativity and networking and now is the time to get on board and take your blog to the next level.

Tip 1 – Create Content Regularly: This tip is number one for a reason!  What’s the reason for having a blog?  To bring in targeted leads for what you’re selling.

If you do not post content on a regular basis two things will happen: you will lose readership of the customers you already have, and you will fall in search engine rankings.

The solution?  Post content on a regular basis.  Not only does this improve customer retention, and helps in the search engine game…  But it will prime engagement on your blog comments.

In summary, the more you post content the more readers you will have.  The more readers you have the more engagement you’ll have with your customers.

So, get posting!

Tip 2 – Social Connection: Where are all of the people online today?  That’s right.  They are hanging out at one of the dozen or so social networking sites.  So, doesn’t it make sense to go where the customers are?

There are hundreds of plugins which will allow you to connect your blog to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Digg, LinkedIn, Flickr and so on.  Take advantage of those free plugins!

When you do this, you will bring your blog’s conversation to the social graph, and you will take your blog viral.  What’s the best marketing strategy used by top marketing firms?  Viral (word of mouth) marketing.

Social networking sites make this easy, and turns that viral marketing offline tactic into a 10x killing machine online.

Just do a search on Google or via your WordPress backend for Facebook plugins, Twitter plugins, Digg plugins and so forth.  What next?  Well, install and use them!

Tip 3 – Interactive Blog: Get your customers involved!  Get them to join your conversation.  When you do this, you create a community feeling around your blog, and they will come back more often to interact with that community.

The first two tips will help prime the interactivity of your blog, but you also need to take the initative, too.  For instance, when you write a post about “baby showers” and the different ideas for a baby shower… Ask your readers to chime in on their own baby shower experience.

Sounds simple?  Well, that’s because it is.  Ninety percent of the time when you ask someone to give their feedback, they will.

Tip 4 – Capturing Leads:  What’s the use of bring all this targeted traffic to your blog IF you are not going to capitalise on it?

Some readers of your blog might come to your website just once or twice to read one of your well written posts.  They are interested in what you’re posting… So, they will be interested in what you’re selling.  The key is to capture them, so, you can sell to them any time you want in the future… Even if they never visit your blog again!

Here’s what you do.  Setup some email capture forms on your blog.  In fact, you can find a number of FREE WordPress plugins that will help you with this.  Just do a search for email capture form on Google or via WordPress’ database of plugins.

That’s it!  Four simple tips to take your blog to the next level.

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