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5 Top Affiliate Marketing Myths.

Few people blog because they want to grow their business, get more leads and improve their branding.

​​​​​​​Few others to land their dream jobs by positioning themselves as the expert in their niche.

And, few others to get clients to their freelance service.

But a lot of them learn to blog because they want to make money online through their blog.

And many of them don’t have much clue about ‘how.’

They dab a bit with Adsense or other text ads and a bit with affiliate programs without much success and eventually quit the idea.

There’s so much content out there about affiliate marketing, and so many people giving advice on making money online. But the problem is that most people aren’t in a position to be giving advice.

If you’re starting new, then it can be tough to weed out the bad advice from the good advice.

Some people even post wrong information on purpose in forums to kill the potential competition.

5 Top Affiliate Marketing Myths

MYTH #1: It’s Too Late To Start

When someone new wants to try affiliate marketing, this is the first advice he gets which almost stops him from taking the next step.

This is wrong on so many different levels.

First, it’s estimated that the affiliate marketing industry is going to grow by $6.8 billion over the next five years. That’s awful lot of money.

Second, the online marketing arena is just warming up. That means more new entrants and competition who’ll increase the need for affiliate marketing.

It’s not too late to get started and make it work.

MYTH #2: You Need A Lot Of Money To Get Started

Some people think they need loads of cash to get started with affiliate marketing. Because of the growing competition, they need a lot of money to spend on ads.

It’s simple: you don’t need that much to get started.

And, having less budget is good because it helps you to focus on the essentials without getting carried away with how to spend your cash.

“All you need is a laptop or a PC and an Internet connection, and you can pretty much do almost anything and create almost any type of company.”

It’s pretty much true for affiliate marketing.

MYTH #3: You Need Technical Skills

You’ve been told this plenty of times.

You need to learn to code and designing to become an affiliate marketer.

Nope. You don’t have to.

If you don’t want to learn, you can quickly and inexpensively outsource it to someone who loves it.

There are a ton of tools to help you with everything you need, from creating banners to creating landing pages.

MYTH #4: Affiliate Marketing Works Only In Western Countries

Some people demotivate the newbies by telling them you need to be in US or UK to make a living with affiliate marketing.

I don’t agree with it.

I know plenty of affiliate marketers in India, Indonesia, and Africa who are all making a living with affiliate marketing.

The truth is regardless of what country you’re in, you have to play to your strengths.

If you are in India, running campaigns in Australia, North America or the United Kingdom will blow your budget.

You should focus on running campaigns targeting a country with lower click prices.

And, I’d recommend you to focus on India. There’s a tremendous opportunity to earn here.

Remember, it’s never the country that sucks! It’s us who think like that.

MYTH #5: It’s Too Competitive

Lots of people assume that affiliate marketing is just too competitive to make money. And there’s no way to make a profit because you have to beat out so many other people.

Actually, it is the opposite that is true.

Competition is a healthy sign that there is money being made in the industry.

Why are so many businesses competing in the e-commerce and hyperlocal industry? Because there are mountains of cash to be made for the people who do it right.

Competition is great because it weeds out those who can’t survive in the first place. If you want to be an affiliate marketer, you will succeed over the long run as the weak are eliminated.

Those were the biggest myths.

Remember, most of the excuses you have are in your head.

It doesn’t happen when it comes to affiliate marketing. It’s more like 99% effort, 1% (occasional) luck.

So, don’t let the myths stop you from taking action.

Go out and chase your dreams. With effort, the success will be yours.



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